Proven ways to earn money from home


Working from home , without schedules or toxic bosses , is the dream of many people. The possibility of earning a living in front of a computer, or at least earning extra income , is available to everyone. Internet offers endless options to get it. Would you like to know which ones? We tell you seven proven ways to earn money from home.

Making money from home is possible: work from the couch

1º. Membership.

It is the fashionable method that more and more Internet users put into practice. It consists of creating a website, call it A, from which to recommend products or services from another website , for example, B, through an affiliate link. When a purchase is made in B and the cookie indicates that the user is “recommended” by A, then B pays A a commission.

Affiliation is currently very strong in Amazon , in websites where WordPress themes are sold and in the segment of hosting providers, although it is increasingly present in more sectors.

2º. Editor.

If you are good at writing, you can make a living writing articles and web content for other people. To be successful it is essential that you have a blog of your own to show how good you are and that it serves as a hook to convince your potential customers. If you are new to this, you can offer your services on platforms such as Publisuites .

3º. Social networks.

With social networks you can earn money from home in two ways: as a community manager , that is, managing the social networks of your customers ; or with your own social networks, posting tweets or Facebook or Instagram messages that some company entrusts to you. As is logical, the more followers you have, the more impact your messages will have and the more you will charge for them. SocialPubli is a company that is dedicated to this and with which you can take your first steps.

4th Online marketing

If your thing is inbound marketing or online marketing, you can earn money from home by offering your services to companies that need it . More and more businesses are betting on advertising with Facebook Ads or AdWords and more and more SEO or email marketing campaigns are being demanded. The online marketing sector is in a boiling phase.

5th Sale of infoproducts.

This method to earn money from home is a little more complicated. It consists of creating a digital product, which we call infoproduct , and sell it. It can be an ebook, a video or online course or a simple web template. The most famous bloggers earn a lot of money selling their infoproducts . However, for someone who is starting out it will be much more complicated because nobody knows him or values his work.

6th. Tutorials.

Another quite simple way to get extra income (although there is also someone who lives from it) is giving private lessons. You can set it up for yourself, create your personal website and go out to look for clients , or sign up for a platform already consecrated from which to offer, as “Your private lessons” , one of the best known.

7th Translator.

No matter how much enthusiasm and technology Google Translate gives you, a good human-flesh-and-blood translator will take everything else away. If languages are your thing you can offer your content translator services online . In websites like Fiverr they are the ones with the most demand.

What do you think of these seven possibilities to earn money from home? Do you think you can stand out in some?