5 passive and semi-passive businesses with which to generate extra income

On the internet there is a lot of theory about what are passive and semi-passive income and why they are so interesting. What is not usually said is that there is a great work behind each one of them. Money does not fall from the sky and if they tell you otherwise, they lie . For this reason, today we will analyze in Vivus 5 passive and semi-passive businesses that, with sufficient dedication, will allow you to generate extra income in the medium and long term.

How to make money online with passive businesses

  1. Niche websites

It consists of creating a web page on a very specific topic, positioning it on Google with SEO and sending readers to a vendor’s website (for example, Amazon). The objective is that someone who looks for information about the product X end up reading your blog and buying on Amazon from the affiliate link that you have provided. When this happens, you earn a commission.

From a technical point of view, it is not difficult to create a niche web. That Google places it on the first page of searches does require more knowledge of SEO. However, the main attraction of these websites is that once created, they work without your intervention. Google sends you readers and you send them to the seller. The income from this type of passive business can be quite stable, but depends on Google not modifying its algorithm and keep you well ranked.

  1. Social trading

If you have a little money saved you can put it to work for you thanks to social trading . No, you do not need to be a Josef Ajram to invest your money with this method. Simply copy other investors who know more than you and whose results are public . It is the simplest way to generate totally passive income, but you need a small initial capital to start.

  1. Publish books or ebooks.

You can publish books as an independent author, without the need for editorials that support you. Nowadays it is very easy to publish an ebook and even a book in paper format thanks to Amazon that makes your task much easier . The great advantage offered by this formula is that once the book is published, you do not have to do anything else. If anything, write another.

  1. Sell online courses

If you are very good at something and you think you are capable of transmitting your knowledge to other people, you can create an infoproduct . We refer to a digital product or online course in text or video format. For example, a course on graphic design or on aquatic photography. You can sell it through your own web page or in a consecrated training platform, like Udemy or Tutellus .

  1. Videos on YouTube.

If you have a lot of art in front of the camera, Youtube offers you the possibility of obtaining passive income . The problem is that you have to be very original and know how to find your audience , since the platform is saturated with videos of all kinds. It is not easy to make money on YouTube, but if you get your videos to like and become viral, the income will be one hundred percent passive.

As we can see, thanks to a previous effort, these five methods will allow you to obtain passive or semi-passive income. There are only two requirements to achieve it: be very good at what you do and have time to do it . If you meet both premises, the results will come sooner or later.